Set of files that fixes glitches in the popular game


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  • Category Various Utilities
  • Program license Free
  • Version 3
  • Size 1.10 MB
  • Works under: Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows ME
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Rockstar Games

This Grand Theft Auto III patch is the last official patch released by the developers to fix glitches and bugs in the game.

Grand Theft Auto III came out in 2005 and came loaded with the classic features and iconic vehicles found in the previous editions in that franchise. The action takes place in Liberty City, which is a fictionalized version of New York City. You receive a set of missions that you must complete while playing as Claude. Though some thought Claude died in the last installation, he's back and looking for vengeance.

While the game lets you play as a good guy or a bad guy, you'll need to make some bad choices to advance further. When you commit a crime, a meter on the screen shows you how close police officers are and whether they view you as a threat. As you keep committing crimes, your reputation will grow, but those crimes will also send more police after you. You'll need to move quickly to escape those offices and continue with your missions.

As fun as the game is, players noticed some issues and bugs with it. One glitch kept Claude's vehicle from moving after a crash, and other glitches made it almost impossible to see the action and characters around you. This Grand Theft Auto III patch fixes some of those issues and improves the overall game.

It solves the problem of saving your progress in the game. Players in the past found that after saving and exiting the game that it sent them to a new starting location or changed their current missions when they loaded the game later. That patch solves other glitches that occurred when loading the game too. Grand Theft Auto III also came with a mouse setting that let you adjust the sensitivity of the mouse and how it responded to you. With this latest patch, the game will now retain the mouse settings that you selected when you come back to the game.

The patch also lets you use some of the audio clips and files saved on your computer in the game. You can now copy those files, move the files to the appropriate GTA III file and use those clips while playing. Though this Grand Theft Auto III patch doesn't add a ton of new features to the game, it does remove some of the more common problems you experienced.


  • Fixes issues associated with saving and loading the game
  • Retains any changes you make to your mouse in the game
  • Now lets you copy and use audio files from your computer in GTA
  • Is an official release from GTA developers


  • Larger file than you might think
  • Doesn't really bring in anything new
  • Must manually install the patch in your GTA III folder
  • May not fix all the glitches you encounter
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